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Europe & China Technology Transfer & Licence
EU and China R&D Collaboration Project management
Europe and China pre-clinical research management
EU and China Clinical study management and local regulatory affairs
Strategic sourcing and contract manufacturing
China pharmaceutical EU market analysis and strategic business development
China novel drug EU clinical study project management
Chinese pharmaceutical company EU market analysis and strategic business development
Fully Integrated Preclinical CRO Services
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 • Function Genomics & Drug Discovery
With a genome-based drug target validation platform, it is possible to systematically study human gene functions and to discover and develop proprietary genome-based drugs.
 • Virtual Drug Development
Efficient "concept-to-market" strategies for product introduction, a new model for development of early stage drug candidates. Virtual drug development, in which intellectual property takes precedence over physical assets, allows scientists within develop novel concepts on small-scale platforms, or sometimes simply on paper alone. For investors, outsourcing facilitates them to take their concepts to market without large investments in human and physical capital, thus results in capital efficiencies and rapid scale-up to commercial product.
 • Genomic Studies & Proteins Studies
With our partners' first-class equipments and an experienced scientific research team, we can carry out genomic & proteins studies on Large-Scale DNA Sequencing platform for disease-gene identification, Bioinformatics platform for Gene Expression Data & Genetic Data Analysis to identify and localize disease-related gene loci.
 • New Drug Screening
With special screening methods such as tests and trials can be carried out on chemical medicine, biomedicine and the effective element of Chinese traditional medicine to evaluate the efficiency and safety of the newly developed molecule in the biological system.
 • Pharmaceutical & Drug Safety Evaluation
Provide a road map for safety assessment as an integral part of the development of new drugs and therapeutics, service covers Acute toxicity testing in pharmaceutical safety evaluation, Genotoxicity, Safety assessment of inhalant drugs, Immunotoxicology in pharmaceutical development, Large animal laboratory trial studies, Evaluation of human tolerance and safety in clinical trials etc.
 • Drug Analytical and Regulatory Consulting service
Comprehensive analytical services include purity testing, characterization of polymorphs, analytic methods development and validation, as well as stability testing.
 • Contract Manufacturing
Contract manufacturing from kilos to tens of tons of APIs and regulated intermediates from GMP certified facilities, Bulk ingredients, Drug delivery, formulation, Fill & finish, packaging, Supply chain, logistics etc.
 • Drug Discovery and Development
We can provide a high quality comprehensive service to fulfill the needs of partners in their drug discovery process such as customer synthesis, library design & production, lead generation, lead optimization in PD/ADME, and early stage candidate profiling.

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